Why You Need A CO2 Growler For Your Beer

When you want to enjoy a nice, cold beer on a hot summer day, or perhaps for a celebration like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you do have other options besides using bottles or cans. One of the must-have beer accessories beer lovers should have is a CO2 growler for their favorite beverage. They are versatile and come in many types of materials from glass to stainless steel. There are plenty of benefits from owning one and here are just a few of them. [Read More]

Why You Should Become A Recruiter For Property And Casualty Insurance Agents

Property and casualty recruitment is a special field where insurance agents who already have their licenses in this field are hired to recruit other agents to fill open positions. Recruiters often work for the insurance companies on a consulting basis, or on a temporary basis until all open positions are filled. If you want to know which direction to take your career next, and you have a "P&C" license already, you might want to consider becoming a recruiter, which is a step up above your current position. [Read More]

3 Tips For Finding A Keynote Speaker For Your Upcoming Conference

If you are in the middle of planning an upcoming conference, then you are probably hoping to find at least one keynote speaker to speak to your audience. If you are looking for help with finding a keynote speaker, you may find that these tips will help you out. Then, it will be just a little bit easier for you to plan a great event. 1. Be Willing to Pay [Read More]

Tools, Tools, And More Tools! What Kind Are You Looking For?

Some tool manufacturers manufacturer several different kinds and types of tools. This is rather convenient when you love the quality and style of tools they make. When the quality is consistent across the board, you always know what you are getting and that the value you are getting for what you paid is more than satisfactory. Here is the short list of the different types of tools available.  Yard Tools [Read More]