How Custom Data Logging Can Benefit Your Fleet

Do you own a business that makes use of a fleet of vehicles to get the job done? Maybe you are transporting goods across the country or you are sending vehicles out into the community to provide door-to-door service? Whatever the reason, the well-being of not just your drivers, but the vehicles they are in, is of course of top importance to you. Today, more and more business owners that make use of a fleet of vehicles on a daily basis are turning to custom data logging for fleets to get the job done. [Read More]

Apartment Complex Areas That Need A Lot More Cleaning Than You Thought

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, tenants valued clean spaces in an apartment complex. They not only wanted their own apartments to be clean when they moved in, but they would often use (and still do use) the tidiness of the common areas as an indicator of how good the complex management was. With the pandemic, that desire for cleanliness has become even more intense as people want to know that — even if you can't prevent all transmission of the virus — you at least take the concept of cleanliness seriously. [Read More]