Upgrade Your Factory's Break Room To Provide Your Employees With Basic Comforts And Conveniences

If you would like to upgrade the break room inside of the factory that you own and provide your employees with basic comforts and conveniences, the following ideas can be added to the list of changes that you decide to make. By taking care of your staff members needs and adding cozy features, morale will be boosted and each person may feel refreshed and ready to work hard after each break that they receive. 

Fresh Water And A Bowl Filled With Healthy Snacks

Order a water dispenser and fresh water from a business that provides a water delivery service. Water that is conditioned or that does not contain contaminants is a healthy alternative to caffeinated beverages or juices that contain a lot of sugar. Workers can keep themselves hydrated and will not feel sluggish once caffeine wears off from beverage choices that they used to make. A water delivery service such as Olympic Springs Bottled Water will ensure that there is plenty of water on hand and will reduce the need to leave your business in order to restock beverages.

Fill a large bowl with fresh fruits, granola bars, and crackers. These snacks require no preparation steps and will quickly satiate your team members hunger. At the end of each day, check the contents in the bowl and add additional snacks if necessary. 

Lounge Chairs And Recordings

Place several lounge chairs in one corner of the break room so that your employees can take a power nap during each break. Place a portable stereo on a table and record sounds of nature, such as a waterfall or ocean waves. Offer the recordings to your employees so that they can listen to calming sounds that may relieve tension and help them feel at ease.

Offer face masks to your workers so that they can cover their eyes while listening to the recording sounds, further enhancing their experience and making it feel as if they are in a different setting. Provide a timer for your staff members to use so that they will be alerted when it is time to return to their workstations.

Ping Pong And Other Games

Set up a ping pong table and standard table that has board games stacked on it so that you team members can let off some steam while competing against their peers. Hold tournaments throughout the week and offer a small prize to winners, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant or a voucher to be used at a salon or gift shop. Switch games that are available with different ones at random times throughout the year so that people do not get tired of playing the same things.