The Prepared Path To Pawning Your Rare Collectibles

When you are in dire need of a short-term cash loan, pawn shops become viable options. As long as you offer an item of value to pawn, the shop should approve a loan based on said value. Collectibles may grab a higher loan amount than everyday items found in the house. Tables and television sets have value, but a rare piece of jewelry or even number of 1960s comic books could be worth much more. When pawning collectibles, however, you must be aware of a few things to make sure you sign a realistic loan agreement -- and "realistic" should go both ways for both parties.

The Price of Collectibles

Don't drive your car to the pawn shop with the expectation you'll get more than what the collectibles are worth. Don't expect to receive what they are worth either. If you watch any of the pawn shop reality television programs, you'll notice a running theme among interactions between proprietors and patrons. What something is worth isn't necessarily what people will pay for it. And the pawn shop proprietor must acquire the merchandise below what people pay to make a profit. Whether selling merchandise or pawning it for a loan, you must be willing to accept discounted.

Check the Collectible Resources

Rather than wildly speculate about what your collectibles are worth, find out what people are paying for them. Online resources make this research reasonably easy. An auction site could present a wealth of information about what to expect. Look at the asking prices on auctions ending without a buyer. Check out the final bids made on items that sell. Try to determine whether something is hot or cold in the current market. The information you gain could help you when asking for that all-important loan.

The Pawn Shop/Online Store Combo

Sometimes, getting the best price on merchandise involves reaching the largest audience. A pawn shop might promote its inventory online and sell things via mail order. Perhaps such a shop may be willing to pay or lend a little more on your collectibles. After all, the consumer audience might be large enough to find a willing buyer. At the dollar-figure negotiations, bring this up. Doing so could help you get a little more for your merchandise. 

Plan Ahead

The need for an emergency loan does pop up without warning. If you require money right away, you won't find yourself with much time to perform any collectibles research. So don't wait until an emergency arises. Figure out what you would pawn in an emergency, and know what you can get for it. Do all this in advance. This way, you go into the pawn shop from a good bargaining position.

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