Tools, Tools, And More Tools! What Kind Are You Looking For?

Some tool manufacturers manufacturer several different kinds and types of tools. This is rather convenient when you love the quality and style of tools they make. When the quality is consistent across the board, you always know what you are getting and that the value you are getting for what you paid is more than satisfactory. Here is the short list of the different types of tools available. 

Yard Tools

Weed whackers, edgers, shrub trimmers, chainsaws, electric/power loppers; all of these fall under yard tools. It is the season to consider getting yardwork done in a timely fashion. If the leaves have not popped out on your trees yet, it is definitely a good time to prune them back before the seasonal growth. The lawn is probably already getting out of hand, which means you need a weed whacker to take out those thistles and prickly weeds before they sprout four feet high and become unmanageable. 

Hand Tools

This is a very broad category, considering that there are mechanic's hand tools, and then there are construction worker's or carpenter's hand tools. Some of these tools cross over, too, like the ratchet set you have always wanted, or the needle nose pliers for prying things apart in tight places. If something is missing from your toolbox that you keep stashed under the kitchen sink or in your shop in the garage, now may be the perfect time to pick up replacements, or buy some hand tools you do not have. 

Power Tools, Sans Free-Standing Tables

These are essentially hand tools that are power tools. You carry them around, plug them in, and use them with no free-standing work table or attached stationary work surface. Masonry saws, reciprocating saws, circular saws, chainsaws, nail guns, etc., all fall under this category. They are the fastest route to completing a project that would otherwise take hours to complete with hand tools. 

Heavy Duty Power Tools

Band saws, lathes, drilling machines, table saws, and jigsaws are all examples of heavy duty power tools. Every one of these tools is firmly attached to its own work station and is difficult to lug around. You only haul these around when you are deep into construction work of some sort. Still, the fact that manufacturers allow for interchangeable parts between these tools and some of the handheld power tools is convenient. 

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