Why You Should Hire Pool Table Delivery Services

One of the primary factors to consider when buying a pool table is how it will get to your house or any other place where you want it to be a business premise.  Disassembling and transporting pool tables is complex because they're heavy and bulky, making them difficult to handle, especially without enough workforce. Below are some benefits of hiring professional pool table delivery services.

Proper Equipment

Professional pool table delivery companies have adequate equipment such as buggies, moving tarps, drills, furniture straps, and staple removers that ordinary movers may not possess. The equipment helps them safely fasten, load, and offload the pool table. The delivery company can opt to move the table as a whole by having four dollies grasp the table and move the roll on the floor with ease. Alternatively, they can also disassemble, transport, and reassemble the pool table at the delivery destination, which is the safest method of delivering a pool table since it makes it easy to load and offload. The method is commonly used when delivering multiple pool tables since it saves space; hence the vehicle accommodates many pool tables.


Pool table delivery companies have experience and skills in handling different pool tables, depending on the pool table's condition. Pool tables are built differently and require different techniques to disassemble. For instance, a slate table is heavier and more fragile than an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) table, requiring more care during delivery. If you're buying a used pool table, the delivery company will inspect your table and identify any deformities like cracks or frames that may cause problems when delivering the table. They then take the necessary precautions to ensure no further damage and your pool table arrives safely at its destination.


Pool tables are bulky and likely destroy some property, such as scratching the walls when being delivered. Fortunately, professional delivery companies have insurance, and you don't have to worry about any damages during the delivery. You get to enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool table is in good hands.

Saves You Time and Money

Delivering a pool table is time-consuming as you have to disassemble, move it and then assemble it again. Instead of spending time trying to transport the table, hire a delivery company; they'll take care of everything as you relax or handle other important things. Additionally, they will help you save money you would have spent buying or renting delivery equipment and replacing damaged properties.

Take Away

Many things can go wrong when delivering a pool table. As a result, hiring pool table delivery services is the best choice because they have the proper equipment and experience required to deliver and, in most cases, install a pool table. Additionally, they'll protect your pool table against damages that may occur during delivery. When selecting professional movers, ensure they are insured. 

Contact a local pool table delivery service for more information.