3 Ways To Reduce Your Dry Cleaning Bill

If you feel like you are spending a fortune dry cleaning all of your clothing, here are three ways that you can reduce your bill while still treating your clothes like they should be treated.

#1 Use A Sweat Guard

One of the big reasons that most people have to end up taking in their clothes to get dry cleaned is because of sweat. Sweat on your clothes can ruin the integrity of the fabric, not to mention it can really make your clothing stink.

You can protect your clothing against sweat by wearing a sweat guard when you wear clothing that needs to be dry cleaned. A sweat guard goes into the armpit area of your clothing. You can remove it and wash it without having to wash your clothes. This can help you reduce how often you need to dry clean things like your jackets and formal shirts.

#2 Get A Fabric Steamer

Many people also end up taking their clothes to the dry cleaner when it is wrinkly, not when it is dirty. You can get the wrinkles out of your clothes on your own without having to take them to the dry cleaner and wait for them to be returned to you.

Instead, when your clothing is wrinkled, you can easily fix it with a fabric steamer. It will get the wrinkles out of your clothing without the need for them to be washed.

#3 Hang Up All Your Clothing

You can also reduce how frequently you need to get your clothes dry cleaned by taking better care of them. Hang up all of your dry cleaning clothes when you don't need to wear them. Keep them on the hanger, and don't lay them over a chair or let them lay down on the ground where they will get wrinkled and dirty. Hanging up your clothes is a simple way to keep them clean and reduce your dry cleaning bill.

#4 Hand Wash What You Can

Finally, you should hand wash what you can. Fabrics such as cotton, satin, wool, and silk can all be hand washed. There are even special products and tools that you can purchase to help you hand wash these items of clothing. However, there are some clothing that you shouldn't hand wash, such as leather and furs; these fabrics are more sensitive and need to be handled by a professional dry cleaner.

You can reduce your dry cleaning bill by using sweat guards, steaming your clothing, hanging up your clothing, and taking care of them. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc.