Troubleshooting Tips For The Total Gym

The Total Gym is designed to provide both strength and cardio training. As with other mechanical equipment, you can experience the occasional problem. Before placing a call for a warranty repair, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to potentially fix problems with your Total Gym.  

Replace the Wheels 

Without wheels, the glide board would not function. Over time, the wheels start to wear down and the glide board will not operate as smoothly as it once did. You can resolve this issue by replacing the wheels. When replacing the wheels, you can choose to upgrade them for a smoother experience.  

You can order the wheels directly from the manufacturer, but you could potentially save by ordering from a third party source. Before ordering, it is important that you know the model of your Total Gym. You also need to check the warranty options for the replacement parts to ensure you can exchange it, if necessary.  

After receiving the replacement part, make note of how the old wheels are installed. Once you remove the old wheel, you need to place the new wheels in the same position. Your owner's manual can also provide guidance.  

Machine Tilts During Use 

Even if the Total Gym has been correctly assembled, there is a small risk of it tilting during use. The tilting is possibly the result of a narrow base. The instability of the machine can make it challenging to use. It could even present a safety hazard.  

There are replacement bases that are available that are wider and offer more support. You will need to completely disassemble your equipment to install the new base. You will need to work with a parts dealer to determine which base would be best for your particular model. The bases can vary and choosing the wrong one could lead to even more instability.  

Until you are able to replace the base, you can try placing a mat under the Total Gym to help with some of the instability. A rubber mat will keep it from moving as much and lessen the chances it tilts. However, replacing the base is important.  

Other problems that you have with the Total Gym might require professional troubleshooting. Work with a replacement parts dealer to find the pieces you need to repair your equipment as soon as possible. In the interim, try to avoid using your equipment until it is repaired to avoid the potential for injury.