3 Of The Most Logical Ways To Provide Heat For Your Business Office During A Furnace Outage

Just when the day gets busy and your business is on a roll for the day, the furnace that keeps your business office space warm decides now would be a fine time to call it quits. Unfortunately, if an industrial furnace or heat system is going to have problems, it will usually be in the coldest parts of winter when you need it the most. You may think that the only option you have is to close up shop until the furnace service can make it to your place of business for repairs, but you do have other options. Check out these most viable options for heating your business office temporarily while you wait for repairs:

Check on a portable heat system available at rental supply stores. 

When most people thing of equipment rental stores, they think of heavy machinery and tools. However, these businesses also usually have portable heat systems available that can be used to keep a large place warm during a heating outage. So if you have rental stores in your area, it is a good idea to call them up and see if they have something you can rent for a day or two until your furnace is repaired and back up and running. 

Bring in space heaters and close off unused areas of the building. 

Space heaters may not be the most efficient way to heat a large office space, but in a pinch, they can definitely be enough to help you get through until your furnace is repaired. You could buy a few of even have your employees bring a few of their own. To cut the costs of using the space heaters in such a large space, try closing off parts of the office that are not regularly used, such as conference rooms and other large spaces. 

See if the furnace repair service has a temporary furnace option available. 

If the furnace at your place of business is completely out, it can definitely take a while to have it replaced. In the meantime, it may be possible for you to rent a temporary furnace system from a furnace service like Shakley Mechanical Inc. Heating repair companies that serve commercial customers understand the stress that can come with an ongoing outage, so they oftentimes have backup systems available that can temporarily be moved in until your new furnace is installed. This will allow you to keep your business open while you wait.