4 Reasons To Get Professional Fingerprinting When Applying For A Visa

Many countries require a criminal background check when applying for a long-term visa. In the United States, this entails sending a set of ink fingerprints to the FBI to receive an official copy of your criminal record or a statement that you do not have a criminal record. While you can fingerprint yourself, it is a good idea to find a professional fingerprint technician to complete the service for you for several reasons:

The FBI Criminal Background Check Takes Significant Time 

It takes the FBI 8-10 weeks to process background checks that are mailed to them. If your fingerprints are rejected, you may not know until this period is over. If you need a visa in a timely manner, waiting to resubmit your fingerprints may significantly delay the process and result in you missing your relocation date. 

If Your Fingerprints Are Rejected, You Will Still Have to Pay the Background Check Fees 

The processing fee for a background check is only $18. But if your fingerprints are rejected, you will lose your application fee and have to start over, which means you will pay an additional $18. Having the documents associated with a long-term visa application processed and legalized is often expensive, and it is a good idea to keep your cost down by making sure you only have to pay fees once. 

Rolled Fingerprints Can Be Difficult To Obtain On Your Own 

Depending on your anatomy, it can be difficult to obtain a clear rolled fingerprint. This is especially true when you are trying to roll your own fingers as it can be difficult to relax the hand you are rolling while guiding it with your other hand. An experienced fingerprint technician will be able to use trade techniques to make sure your fingerprints come out crisp and clear. They will also be able to determine whether a set of prints is readable or should be re-rolled, so you will be sure to leave with a usable set of prints. 

A Fingerprint Technician Will Make Sure Your Card Is Filled Out Properly

Besides your fingerprints, you will need to fill out identifying information on your fingerprint card. A fingerprint technician, like those at Poway Livescan, will be able to look over your card and make sure all of the necessary blanks are filled in appropriately so your application is not rejected. 

When requesting your criminal background check for a visa, the quickest and most efficient method is to use a trained fingerprint technician to fill out your fingerprint card.