4 Tips for Hiring Temporary Laborers When You Own a Construction Company

When you own a construction company, there will be times when you may need to get a job done in a very short period of time. When this happens, you may need to consider construction workers for hire to help get the job done quickly. The following guide walks you through a few tips to ensure the right people are hired to help you out temporarily.

Determine What Skills You Need the People to Have

The first thing you need to do is determine what skills you need the employees to have. There are many times when hiring someone to simply carry materials where they need to go is sufficient when working on a big job. There are other times when skilled laborers are needed to ensure that all of the work can be done as quickly as possible. Let the employment agency know the exact skills you need the employees to have so that they can screen them before sending them to you.

Determine What You Can Pay the Laborers

You need to determine what you can afford to pay each laborer before they are hired, as well. They will be paid an hourly rate so consider how many hours each person will need to work during the week to ensure that you pay each person a fair wage, without putting your business in financial distress.

Determine if You Want to Hire Drug Free Employees

You also need to determine if you want to have a drug free work zone or not. There are some jurisdictions that require for construction companies to drug test their employees on a regular basis to ensure that they have the safest work zones possible. If it is a requirement where you live, you need to let the employment agency know so that they can drug test any potential employees before they send them to you to ensure that they do not do drugs.

Determine What Tools the Laborers Need to Have

If there are any specific tools that the laborers need to have, you need to specify it to the agency. Let them know if the individuals need to bring a tool bag, hammer, measuring tape, or any other tool with them to work.

It is important to specify how long you will need the extra help so that the people who apply know what to expect. If there is an opportunity for permanent employment be sure to let the company.