3 Ways To Improve & Take Care Of Your Sprinkler System

If your sprinkler system has been in place for a couple of decades, it may be time to improve your sprinkler system. Here are a few ways that you can improve your sprinkler system:

#1 Upgrade The Electrical Board

If your sprinkler system is on the older side, you may want to upgrade the electrical board that comes with your system. You can replace an older or damaged electrical board through a board exchange program with the original manufacture of your sprinkler system. Most of the major sprinkler systems have these systems in place.

When you send them your damaged or old electrical board, they in change will send you a new electrical board. It may be brand new or refurbished. They are then able to repair your old board or recycle the parts so that they can be reused. These systems are designed to be really efficient and get you a new board quickly.

#2 Check Water Needs

The water needs of your yard may change over time. During drier years, your yard will need more water. During wetter years, your yard will need less water. You should do a soil patch test after you water in a few different places in your yard.

Use a small shovel to dig out down a couple of inches. You want to check and see if the soil is damp all the way down two to three inches. If the soil is dry a few inches down, you need to water for longer. If the soil is really wet, keep the water level the same or decrease it. Doing this will improve the effectiveness of your sprinkler system

#3 Change Out Old Sprinkler Heads

Most sprinkler systems are designed to run in the early morning hours when you are asleep or not at home. At least once a year, run your sprinkler system when you are at home, awake and can watch the system. You want to identify sprinkler heads that are not putting out water correctly or effectively. Changing out damaged and ineffective sprinkler heads will keep your system working effectively.

Improve your sprinkler system by changing out the electrical board via a sprinkler system board exchange program, checking to make sure that your yard is getting the right amount of water and changing out the damaged and ineffective sprinkler. Making these improves will ensure that your yard looks great and that your sprinkler system continues to operate effectively for many more years. 

Contact a company like Turf Control for more information and assistance.