3 Perks That Will Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work

If you want to reward your employees, a great way to do that is to make little adjustments to your office that make it a nicer place for your employees to work and spend their time. A few perks that will make your office a nicer place include spring water delivery, automatic coffee machine and access to free healthy snacks.

Spring Water Delivery

Let's be honest, the water that is coming out of the tap in more often buildings does not taste that good. It is generally water that is coming from the city, and often has a distinct chemical taste to it.

Water is one of the best things to work throughout the day. Drinking water and stay hydrated can help your employees stay alert and active. Providing a water dispenser that dispenses fresh spring water will ensure that your employees never have to sit at their desk, feeling thirst and dehydrated.

A fresh spring water delivery and  dispenser will help quench your employee's thirst with water that actually tastes good.

Coffee Machine

Many individuals rely on coffee to get going in the morning and to make it through the day. If you have an office with a lot of coffee drinkers, adding a coffee machine to your office is another great way to increase activity and alertness in your office. Your employees will no longer have to worry about stopping for coffee on the way to office; they can rest assured that when they get to the office, there will be coffee their for them to drink.

Adding a coffee machine will ensure that all your employees that need coffee always have a tasty caffeine fix on hand, and don't have to take a break to run to the store or the nearest coffee stand for a drink.

Healthy Snacks

Finally, consider providing access to free healthy snacks in your office. Providing access to free healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts, will provide your employees with the fuel they need to make it between meals and to stay focused and productive. Having healthy snacks on hand will cut down on time lost by employees who are not focusing because they are just thinking about how hungry there are and how their lunch break is not for another hour.

Additionally, providing healthy snacks, water and coffee will help encourage healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits can lead to an overall happier, more productive and healthier office space.