Why You Should Become A Recruiter For Property And Casualty Insurance Agents

Property and casualty recruitment is a special field where insurance agents who already have their licenses in this field are hired to recruit other agents to fill open positions. Recruiters often work for the insurance companies on a consulting basis, or on a temporary basis until all open positions are filled. If you want to know which direction to take your career next, and you have a "P&C" license already, you might want to consider becoming a recruiter, which is a step up above your current position. Here is why. 

Job Market for Insurance Agents Is on the Rise

Maybe it has been a while since you had to look for a job as an insurance agent, but if you take a look at job openings now, you might be really surprised. There are lots of openings, and the projected rate of growth in this industry with the number of job openings expected to rise means that this field is going to need a lot more help with filling the open positions. A lot of insurance companies just can spare the employees to recruit, interview and hire all possible candidates. That is where the recruiters come in. 

Base Salary for a Recruiter Is Higher Than Most Insurance Agents' Salaries

If money is the motivating factor, look no further. As a recruiter, your salary would be higher than any of the agents you would be expected to hire. If you open your own recruiting/consulting firm, then you can make even more because you can charge the insurance companies whatever you life for your services. Since your background is already in property and casualty insurance, you can use that as a key selling point, too.

Some Insurance Companies Plan Exponential Growth and Would Rather Have a Full-Time Recruiter Working for Them

Of course, if you would still rather have regular hours, you can sell insurance part of the day, and spend the rest of the day recruiting applicants for open positions. When your employer plans on exponential growth of the company in the next two years, they will need to hire a lot more insurance agents. That means that you will be their inside recruiter, which is convenient for them, and financially stable for you. It typically means a bump in pay as well, but that depends on the employer. If your boss says that the company is feeling the crunch for recruiting more agents, step in and offer recruiting help in exchange for training and licensing. A lot of insurance companies like that idea well enough to run with it. 

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