Why You Need A CO2 Growler For Your Beer

When you want to enjoy a nice, cold beer on a hot summer day, or perhaps for a celebration like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you do have other options besides using bottles or cans. One of the must-have beer accessories beer lovers should have is a CO2 growler for their favorite beverage.

They are versatile and come in many types of materials from glass to stainless steel. There are plenty of benefits from owning one and here are just a few of them.

Transportation Of Draft Beer To Parties

You might purchase draft beer from a local bar or restaurant for a party at a different location, or perhaps you had a pitcher or two for the table but it was unfinished. You may not want to waste an almost full pitcher and a growler can help you transport the remainder of your drinks home. It can also transport beer to a party outside of the bar or restaurant in which you bought your ale from.

Growlers will keep the beer fresh for some time, and the CO2 keeps it carbonated for days. This way, everyone at your party can enjoy a cold beer and it doesn't only have to come from a can or bottle. The same is true for leftover beer from a large party at a restaurant.

Buy Beer From A Local Brewery

You might enjoy buying your beer from local breweries and craft brewing companies. While they will provide you with bottles or cans for your purchase, a CO2 growler could be your best bet in keeping any draft beer or freshly tapped beer fresh for some time.

You might also enjoy being able to brew your own beer at a local brewery and some companies do allow customers to come and brew their own. A growler is perfect for transporting your own brew, as well as any beer you buy from the brewery itself.

Contain Your Home Brewed Beer

You may brew your own beer at home and want to share it with your friends and family. You might not want to stock bottles or cans for your own creations. A growler is the way to go when you homebrew your own beer as it not only cuts down on extra accessories, but it will also keep your own brews cold, carbonated, and fresh.

A growler can take the place of a traditional keg and this method is much easier than bottling your beer in order to share it.

For more information on CO2 beer growlers, consult a resource in your area.