A Couple Reasons Why Handicapped Accessibiltiy Ramps Are So Important

If you own a storefront, restaurant, or another business that caters to the public, then you want to make sure you have handicap accessibility ramps installed at the entrances and exits. This way, your handicapped customers can access your business. Also, this is important for any employees you have working for you who are also handicapped. There are numerous reasons why you want to put the installation of handicapped accessibility ramps at the very top of your must-do list and here are a couple of good ones:

Your Business Must Legally Have Handicapped Accessibility Ramps

It is your legal responsibility to ensure that you have these ramps installed. In fact, if your business isn't new, you should have already had them. If this fact has slipped through the cracks with everything else that comes with opening and running a business, it is crucial that you make sure you rectify the situation by having them installed as soon as you are able to have someone come out to install them for you. Not offering access to those with handicaps can cause you to get in trouble for discrimination. You need to know the legal requirements for the ramps you do have installed as well, as they will need to meet certain requirements regarding things like handrails, the degree of the slope, the width of the ramps, etc.

You'll offer a Customer-Friendly and Safe Environment

Anyone who has any amount of difficulty walking will be able to use the handicapped ramps, and this can help to prevent them from slipping and falling. If a customer slips and falls trying to enter your business and you don't have ramps, not only may you find yourself in a lawsuit, but you will also likely lose that customer, their family, their friends, and some other people who they tell their unfortunate story to. You can also have a lot of customers who don't even try to come inside because it would be too difficult for them to do so.

Now that you are clear on just how important handicapped accessibility ramps are for your business, you will want to get things set up regarding having someone come out to your business to install them for you. Once you have them fully installed you will likely notice that you feel much better about things and you will have done something that can benefit you, your employees, and your current and new customers.

For more information on installing handicap accessibility ramps, talk to an installation company in your area.