Apartment Complex Areas That Need A Lot More Cleaning Than You Thought

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, tenants valued clean spaces in an apartment complex. They not only wanted their own apartments to be clean when they moved in, but they would often use (and still do use) the tidiness of the common areas as an indicator of how good the complex management was. With the pandemic, that desire for cleanliness has become even more intense as people want to know that — even if you can't prevent all transmission of the virus — you at least take the concept of cleanliness seriously.

As a complex owner, you should institute a cleaning schedule that keeps the complex common areas clean (or as much as possible given that they tend to be outdoors). It won't be possible to guarantee an outdoor area will not have any viral particles, but there are surfaces and spaces that can do with more cleaning than you're likely giving them. This can be a big job, and turning the responsibility over to a property management company that has its own cleaning services makes things a whole lot easier for you — and they keep these areas super-clean.

The Onsite Laundry Facilities

You've got everyone in the complex using these washers and dryers, sitting on the seats inside, and touching everything in the room. Chances are you won't have a cleaning attendant standing by to clean machines after every use, but you can have a cleaning service (or the property management's cleaning people) clean the laundry room at specific points during the day. That at least controls the lost masks, discarded gloves, and droplets of soap and hand sanitizer that can end up on the floor.

The Garbage and Recycling Bin Areas

Garbage and recycling can be difficult to control in terms of cleanliness, and some of the maintenance definitely belongs to the company that empties the bins as that company actually owns them. But a property management company can have its cleaning services sweep and wash down the surrounding area, removing items that managed to escape tenants' grasps before making it into one of the bins. The crew can clean up spills, too, a task that you no doubt don't want to do yourself.

Walkways and Stairs

It's essential that the banisters and railings along stairways and walkways be sanitized often. Again, when they're outdoors or when they're constantly touched, you may not be able to keep them completely clean in terms of viral pathogens. But you can reduce the chances of something nasty being on there by having staff clean them on a regular schedule. And again, this is easiest to do when you have a team from a property management company handling the property.

It's understandable that the owner of a building might try to handle everything themselves because then they can ensure all the maintenance is done to their liking. But it can be a big job under the best of circumstances, and with extra cleaning added in, it can become overwhelming. Allow a property management company to take over and make life easier.