How Custom Data Logging Can Benefit Your Fleet

Do you own a business that makes use of a fleet of vehicles to get the job done? Maybe you are transporting goods across the country or you are sending vehicles out into the community to provide door-to-door service? Whatever the reason, the well-being of not just your drivers, but the vehicles they are in, is of course of top importance to you. Today, more and more business owners that make use of a fleet of vehicles on a daily basis are turning to custom data logging for fleets to get the job done. Here's what custom data logging can do for your fleet and your business.

Know the Vehicle's Location at All Times

A custom data logger typically has a cellular connection so it can send out a signal with all kinds of information, no matter where in the country it goes. As the business owner, you can tap into this signal to see the vehicle's approximate GPS location. In the event that something goes wrong and your driver experiences an emergency, your custom data logger can provide critical information, allowing you or the authorities to get to the vehicle's location as soon as possible. If for some reason the vehicle ends up somewhere off the route, you can be notified and check in with your driver to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Know If the Vehicle is Moving or Not and Approximately How Fast

A data logger can also track your vehicle's speed. This will let you know if the driver is still moving along at a pace that will get them to their destination on time, and it can also let you know if a driver is moving too fast and at risk of getting pulled over for speeding. If your driver calls in and says they are going to be late because they are stuck in traffic, you can pull up their current location and speed and possibly check a maps application to re-route them or at least confirm the information the driver is giving you.

Early Warnings for Potential Problems

A custom data logger can do more than track location or speed. When plugged into your truck's diagnostic port, a custom data logger can send back a wide variety of information about the current health of the vehicle. You'll be updated the moment the system detects something is not right under the hood. The logger can also help you track how many miles have been driven so you can stick to your regular maintenance schedule without missing a checkup.